Anne de Carbuccia is an artist and filmmaker from Corsica, France. She has traveled to the world’s most remote locations to artistically document endangered environments, species and cultures. The focus of her work is to move past the human-centered era of today.

Her debut short film, One Ocean, was presented at the 75th Venice International Film Festival in 2018 and is available in six languages. In February 2024 has been released her first feature-length documentary, Earth Protectors on adaptation and the dangers of the Anthropocene.
She is currently working on a short docu-fiction Refugia, and a new multi-media art series, Follow the Thread.

New feature-length documentary by Anne de Carbuccia

In remote locations threatened by climate change, environmental loss also becomes cultural loss. Earth Protectors are young people who do not give up; they adapt and choose Earth. They stay and fight for our planet with creativity, innovation and technology. Beauty and art are powerful tools to convince everyone of us they can change the future of our planet.


Film by Anne de Carbuccia
Music by Ludovico Einaudi

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