One Planet One Future harnesses the universal language of art to raise awareness and inspire individual action. Founder and environmental artist, Anne de Carbuccia, aims to draw attention to human-caused threats to the planet and to the environmental crisis. She uses various media for her work: photographs, installations, street art and film.

Anne’s images are taken on location as an homage to their subjects – water, climate refugees, endangered species – and as proof of the ruinous effects of climate breakdown. Her art tells the story of “what we have, what we may lose and what we have already lost”.

Anne believes that education is fundamental to address climate breakdown and the challenges of the Anthropocene. Using her art, she has created a learning experience for students from kindergarten through college in collaboration with schools and academic institutions, focused on the story of each image and of its message. One Planet One Future has developed a digital educational project including film and photography.

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