Anne de Carbuccia is a French American environmental artist and filmmaker, who travels to some of the world’s most remote locations to document human-caused threats to the planet and preserve the memory of endangered environments, endangered species, and cultures. Recently InStyle magazine named her one of the Top 50 Badass Women who are changing the world for the better. She has also been a featured speaker at important events worldwide including the United Nations World Oceans Day Conference.

Her debut short film, One Ocean, was presented at the 75th Venice International Film Festival and other film festivals around the world. Anne continues to explore the medium of film to communicate her stories and move people to act. She is currently working on her feature documentary film, One Planet One Future, for release in 2021.

Anne hopes her art and her films will engage diverse generations of people from around the world and promote sustainable behaviors. Her images have been exhibited in museums and public institutions throughout Europe and the United States including the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Musée Oceanographique de Monaco, Westbeth Foundation for the Arts in New York and Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, Italy. Anne’s work is also part of several important private collections internationally.

Recently Anne launched a global graffiti project where she and a group of renowned graffiti artists are collaborating to create murals based on the key themes of Anne’s work in cities that have declared a climate emergency. Each mural is different depending on the city and the location. For Anne, graffiti is an accessible form of modern art with great visual impact.

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