Anne de Carbuccia is an artist and filmmaker from Corsica, France.
She has traveled to the world’s most remote locations to artistically document endangered environments, species and cultures. The focus of her work is to move past the human-centered era of today.
She reflects on the new role that humans could play and imagines them leaving the center to join the circle, recognizing their power and fragility, as well as their interdependence. Her artwork explores how, using intelligence and technology, our species can become a positive force for our planet.

Her art has been exhibited in museums and public institutions throughout Europe and the United States.  In February 2024 has been released her first feature-length documentary, Earth Protectors on adaptation and the challenges of the Anthropocene. She is currently working on a short docu-fiction Refugia and a mixed media art series Follow the thread.

Anne has an ongoing mural project and collaborates with renowned Street Artists. These public installations are based on the key themes of Anne’s work and range from mural paintings to text based art.  Each artwork is different depending on the location.

She has established the One Planet One Future Foundation in the US and in Italy. Its mission is to raise awareness on climate breakdown and the dangers of the Anthropocene and to inspire individual and collective action through art, films and exhibitions. Through the Foundation’s educational program Anne speaks at universities and institutions around the world. She has also been a featured speaker at the United Nations World Oceans Day conference and participates in mentorship programs for several institutions such as the Guggenheim and IOC-UNESCO, which appointed her role model for the Ocean Decade and member of the Group of Experts on Ocean Literacy.


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